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Surge Protection

At Haines Electric, one of our most valuable services is whole-house surge protection. It’s importance cannot be overstated, as our service is potentially lifesaving.

Power surges and stray electronic charges happen within your home virtually every day. They most commonly result from lightning strikes, downed power lines, power restoration following a black out…even your household appliances can cause a power surge.

And while these are not every-day occurrences, smaller power surges are. In fact,up to 25 minor power surges will infiltrate your home every day. A single low-voltage power surge is not likely to cause any damage by itself, but over time, the sheer accumulation can damage or ruin your phones, computers, audio-video equipment, video games, and smaller appliances.

More powerful surges can wipe out all of the above with a single occurrence…not mention your major appliances along with your home heating and cooling systems. At the extreme, power surges can cause a fire capable of destroying your home and everything you value. We can help prevent all that in a quick, easy, and  affordable manner.

Power Strips Are Not Enough To Protect Your Home From Electrical Surges.

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