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Is Your Home’s Electrical Panel Safe?

The electrical system within a home is a complex and vital network that functions like the circulatory system in the human body. It is comprised of intricate circuitry and wires that work together to deliver electricity throughout the residence, much like veins and arteries in the body transport blood to vital organs and limbs. In […]

5 Most Common Home Electrical Problems

Are you a homeowner who is experiencing electrical issues in their home? If so, you’re not alone. Home electrical problems are among the most common household headaches, yet they are also the one of the least understood. Many homeowners lack an understanding of electricity and may be unsure how to pinpoint or resolve their issue […]

Hot or Warm Outlets: Everything You Need to Know

the outside of a burnt outlet

What Are The Dangers Of Hot Or Warm Outlets? We would like to start off by saying it is essential that extreme caution is exercised when opening up any wall plates containing live electricity. This should always be handled by a professional. Be sure to turn your outlets off at the breaker box. You could […]