Nassau County Smoke and Carbon Detection Installation

With only a minimal price tag and easy installation, smoke and carbon detectors can give your family peace-of-mind by alerting them of danger at the earliest possible moment. Having one in every Nassau County home isn’t just smart — it’s required for all residents’ safety! Invest today to protect yourself from life threatening emergencies down the line.

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Protect Your Home & Family From Fires and Silent Killers Like Carbon

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Make sure your home is safe and compliant!

We strongly encourage all our Nassau County constituents to take advantage of advances in smoke/carbon detector technology. New Yorkers are legally required to have a sealed, non-removable battery with an impressive 10+ year lifespan or hardwired into the building.

If you’re looking to install hardwired smoke/carbon detectors give the professionals at Haines Electric a call!

Smoke and Carbon Detection

Protecting your home from smoke and Carbon Monoxide gas is possible! A single device can be used to detect both, but the placement of these detectors are important – learn more about how you can safeguard yourself & family right here.

Keep your home safe with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors! While similar in function, these devices come at a range of price points to meet any budget. At the entry-level they only detect one element while high-end versions can sense both – setting off an alarm when either is present. When activated by CO or smoke particles, their chemical reaction creates an electric current to alert you and keep danger away from your door step.

Known as the silent killer.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a potentially deadly condition that can occur when your body replaces the oxygen in your red blood cells with carbon monoxide found in gasoline, wood, charcoal and other fuel sources. If not ventilated properly within a sealed space, this noxious gas could build up to dangerous levels leading to serious tissue damage or even death.

Be aware of its dangers and if you suspect any symptoms – get into fresh air immediately and seek emergency medical attention!

All smoke detectors purchased in New York State must not only be powered either electrically or by battery, but also boast a minimum 10-year life span and come sealed within the unit itself. To ensure proper approval from testing laboratories like Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Factory Mutual (FM).

Hardwired detectors have the benefit of using both a battery for when the power is out and a hard wire to ensure less battery changes and a detector that is always operating.