Nassau County Indoor/Outdoor Lighting
Installation and Repair

Refresh the atmosphere of your Nassau County home with stylish, remodeled lights!

Track lighting can bring attention to that special piece on your wall and a softer overhead light will set just the right tone. With countless possibilities for enhancing your space, discover how modernizing one simple element can revolutionize its look.

Take the hassle out of home lighting renovation with Haines Electric! Our experts will collaborate to find a lighting solution that suits your unique aesthetics and budget, so you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.

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Get a fresh look with brighter lights and energy savings!

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Lighting for the Indoors, Outdoors and More!

Revitalize your outdoor space with a brand new landscape lighting plan! From floodlights to accents, Haines Electric is here to guide you through the creative process and bring out the best in every feature of your yard. Let us help take your home’s aesthetic up a notch – start designing today!

Looking to improve your homes interior lighting or repair a broken fixture? Enjoy the energy-saving benefits of quality lighting! Our reliable team of electricians can professionally install a wide range of fixtures on Long Island, such as Can Lights, Pot Lights, High Hats and chandeliers.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Products from Haines Electric

Are you looking for energy-efficient lighting solutions for your Nassau County business or home? Look no further than Haines Electric – we specialize in providing top-quality indoor/outdoor lighting products that are designed to save you money and help reduce your environmental impact.

Our team of experienced electricians are dedicated to helping you find the right solution that meets your individual needs, while also adhering to the highest industry standards.

We have a wide range of energy-efficient indoor/outdoor lighting products available – from LED light bulbs to solar-powered systems – so you can be sure to find something that meets your unique requirements.

Additionally, all of our products are certified for safety and durability so you know that you’re purchasing quality items.

One of the greatest benefits of choosing energy-efficient lighting solutions is their ability to save both money and energy compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. By making the switch, not only will you be reducing your electric bill but also doing your part in helping the environment by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

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